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Driving Lessons for People with Disabilities

Our Special Car Modifications

We are the only driving school in the Auckland region that is equipped with modifications and expertise to assist physically challenged individuals regain independence.

Pricing and Rates

Please arrange an appointment with the driver instructor to find out the cost

Pricing and Rates

1 hour lesson

1 hour lesson before the test and car usage

Pre-test mock lessons 1.5 hours

Package 5 lessons

Package 12 lessons

Hire a car for the driving test

Before Driving, You Should:

Apply for medical

You have to confirm that you are medically fit each time you apply for, renew or replace your driver licence. This may simply involve signing the declaration on the licence application form. But you may need to present a medical or eyesight certificate. Find out more

Contact occupational therapist and vehicle modification company

Sometimes an occupational therapist check is required. The doctor may refer you to an occupational therapist for a driving assessment.

You might require modifications to your vehicle as a driver, or passenger. The companies below can assess your situation and your vehicle to help find the right solution and can arrange the modifications.

Occupational Therapist        Yes Disability Resource Center
OTRS                                        Yes Disability
Go Able

Car Modification Companies
Total Ability
Rod Milner Motors
Jackson Mobility

RB Systems
+64 21 034 3185

Contact Polo Driving for your driving training

Once you are done with the medical assessment and vehicle modification, you can contact us to Book an Appointment

Take note all car modifications
have been certified by

NZ Transport Agency

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