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The Driving School with the Highest Passing Rate in Auckland

For the Disability

New Zealand's first driving school for people with disabilities

Polo Driving School has been offering driving courses to people with physical disabilities for more than 10 years. With the use of a dedicated and advanced dual controlled modified vehicle, we can get you driving the Auckland-roads in no time.

Car modification for disabilities

We're the only driving school that has

Special Car Modifications

for you to trial and learn.

For Drivers

Car driving lessons for beginners

Beginner driver? Polo Driving Schools professional and NZTA-approved instructor will assist you in developing your confidence and skill in driving safely. Our lessons are tailored to your needs, and can help you pass the driving test and be a competent driver.

Who can get their licence?

  • First Time Drivers in Auckland
    First time Drivers
  • Returning Drivers in Auckland
    Returning Drivers
  • Elderly drivers in Auckland
    Elderly Drivers
  • Overseas drivers in Auckland
    Tourist Drivers
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